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Citizen complaint of the day: Columbia Point needs bubblers

A parched citizen files a 311 complaint:

No damn bubbler for miles walking around UMass Boston and JFK museum? That's criminal



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Come in and use one of the bubblers there.

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I'm going to go on a scooter ride today to confirm this, but I'm pretty sure there are in fact a couple bubblers on the harbor walk around the Calf Pasture Peninsula (call it UMass/Columbia Point if we prefer)

Maybe they are very far between, but I remember them being turned OFF during the pandemic, so unless they were removed entirely they should still be there like over by the outdoor gym equipment.

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With the wide availability of bottled water these days, I assumed those outdoor public drinking fountains had gone the way of pay phones.

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The better ones, like the ones Boston Parks and Rec has installed at Jamaica Pond, even have three levels: One for old-fashioned gulping, one for filling up water bottles and one at the ground for hot doggos.

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If the goal is to get away from the incredibly wasteful and problematic existence of bottled water, then we need a lot more public filling and drinking facilities.

When Concord banned bottled water sales, there was a giant collective AHEM from the active crowd that runs and bikes in the area as the bottle refilling fountain on the green had been out of service for over a year. That got resolved very quickly.

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They should’ve called 911, not 311.

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Did they ever repair the one at the end of the Common near the intersection of Boylston and Charles Street? I remember that as the biggest public drinking fountain one I'd ever seen. I don't travel much.

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