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A Storrow Drive scootering

There's always something new under the sun: Mark Garfinkel witnessed a guy, a security guard, even, puttering down Storrow Drive on his little stand-up scooter - at least until State Police arrived and escorted him off the highway.

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Kudos to this originalist.

This is a closer use to the original intent than the tens of thousands of motor vehicles driving on it at 60+ MPH 24/7.

"The parkway is named for James J. Storrow, an investment banker who led a campaign to create the Charles River Basin and preserve and improve the riverbanks as a public park. He had never advocated a parkway beside the river, and Helen Storrow, his widow, publicly opposed it."
Boston Landmarks Commission

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This is legal-ish.

It's legal on a bicycle, anyway.

MSP used to go out and harass people biking on roads where MSP said they didn't belong. There was a case about 20 years ago (Rowinsky v MSP) which established that MSP had no right to do so.

Dumb? Sure. But so is the fact that we converted a park into a highway.

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The case you cite is about Memorial Drive, which is not a limited-access road. Storrow Drive has "No Bikes / Peds / Horses" signs at its entrances, or at least at this entrance:


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Quick to get this guy off Storrow (yay?)

Still unable to stumble upon BU Boathouse members parking the trailer in the bike lane on Mem. Drive (Boo!)

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