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Alleged abortion-pill guy ordered held in lieu of $100,000 cash bail

Waltham District Court Judge Ellen Caulo set bail today at $10 million - or $100,000 cash - for the man accused of giving his pregnant girlfriend abortion pills in the guise of vitamins and iron supplements after he found out she was pregnant.

Should Robert Kawada, 43, of Brookline, make bail, he will first have to be outfitted with a GPS device and surrender his passport, Caulo ruled, according to court records.

Kawada didn't have the cash, so was ordered sent to the Middlesex County jail pending a status hearing tomorrow. He was also scheduled for a probable-cause hearing on July 23.

Kawada is charged with poisoning and two types of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for the way he allegedly got his Watertown girlfriend to take the pills, which prosecutors say in fact induced a miscarriage.

Innocente, etc.



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Any information given as to why?

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Not about the reason for the high bail.

According to the Globe, he checked her mouth to make sure she was chewing the pills and also gave her "raspberry-leaf cookies," with raspberry leaves apparently something that can get a woman's cervix ready for delivery.

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I'm the pro-choicest commenter on UH, but that's the lady's choice.

Don't let guys play you, ladies. And guys, stop being (expletives).

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Sometimes it’s best to just express sympathy for the victim and leave it.

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According to NBCBoston.com "The woman told investigators she'd met Kawada on a dating app in January and they went on a few dates, during which they went to his home in Brookline and had consensual unprotected sex, according to the document."

Why the hell is a guy having unprotected sex if he does not want to deal with a pregnancy?? WEAR A GODDAMN CONDOM!!!!

And ladies - stop f*cking men you barely know.

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But then when they go back to your place "you gotta try"?

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Maybe he has friends at the Mass Bail Fund

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Who taught you the word 'friend'

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