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Bicyclist hit by cab driver at Preble Circle in South Boston

Bystanders attend to downed bicyclist before police, paramedics arrive

Bystanders attend to downed bicyclist before police, paramedics arrive. Car on far right is the cab that hit the bicyclist.

A cab driver apparently exiting onto Preble Street from the rotary that joins Columbia Road, Old Colony Avenue and Preble Street hit a bicyclist crossing Preble around 6:20 p.m., Paul Nutting Jr. reports.

AJ Stuyvenberg reports there was a T-bone crash at the same exact spot the day before.



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This redesign is *made* for t-bone crashes. The predominant flow is Old Colony to Columbia. Until this redesign, there were two lanes from Old Colony going into the rotary, and on to Columbia. Now the right lane is supposed to turn right, but there is no physical curb making them, so people just gun straight from the right lane like they always have, which brings them right into the vehicles turning from the circle to Preble. It is awful.

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Related: at a community meeting on Wednesday, council president and South Boston councilor Ed Flynn was hard at work to make sure that 100% of the Boylston St. roadway remain fully dedicated to cars and trucks (three driving lanes and two for parking).

The Herald is reporting on that zoom meeting in today’s paper:

“Councilor Ed Flynn hosted a chaotic virtual listening session Wednesday, where residents — most of whom were bicyclists — in support of the mayor’s plan to add bus and bike lanes to Boylston Street clashed with the councilor over what they felt were his attempts to drown out their voices, in favor of other residents and civic leaders who oppose the changes.”

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Time for me to send another email to Flynn protesting his disregard for street safety.

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Like West Roxbury and Wu.

Lets be honest, the “residents” are the same 10 people who show up at every neighborhood meeting about bike lanes.

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People have been complaining about the traffic lane marking the City painted at the rotary and the number of crashes and near misses, but the mayor thinks there’s nothing wrong with the design.

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Check in with DCR, not the City.

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