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New Jamaica Plain restaurant is the taco the town

Jamaica Plain reports that Centre Street in Hyde Square is getting a new taco place, called Viva Taco. It replaces a burrito joint.



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It's pretty good too if you're in the area.

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When my son was 4 or 5 we were planning what to do on a day off and he suggested "The Arburrito!"

He had been there with his pre school class. We all still call it that, and had to explain this to their partners.

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Will it be a JP standard 4.9 star mediocrity?

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This is one of those locations that seems to have endless turnover -- in the last ten years it's been a pizza/sub shop, empadana restaurant, then burritos, now tacos.

It's not a bad location on paper -- takeout-friendly bar next door, compact footprint, main thoroughfare, dense residential, and plenty of other businesses have been in the area long term -- but there's something challenging about this storefront.

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that spot? I remember that place fondly (reviewed it for Dig Boston way back when): good, cheap Salvadoran food, and also the first and last place I heard a Spanish-language Muzak cover of "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You."

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