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They that go down to the sea with ships on trailers and then their SUVs and trailers both slide into the water

WHDH reports two guys were trying to launch a dinghy they'd towed to the Little Mystic boat ramp in Charlestown with a Hummer when everything went south and both Hummer and trailer wound up in the water along with the boat today. Photos of the submerged Hummer.

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You can't park there

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And that's why he got towed. If they'd been driving a Cybertruck, they could have just waited for it to dissolve.

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Let's all chip in by paying a bit more for car insurance

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Don’t be jealous that they have a boat and you don’t.

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How could a person possibly be jealous of someone who thinks driving a Hummer is cool?

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Probably what we call a Dewey Crowe.

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Not Humarock.

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Go to your rooms!

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Q: What do you call a Hummer at the bottom of the harbor?

A: An excellent start.

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From the WGBH article:

“The water was coming in and I just jumped out the window and got on the boat,” he said.

While it is undoubtedly funny, I guess I wouldn't have seen it coming either: things seemed fine, but when they unhooked the trailer (although why unhook the trailer at that time?), the Hummer started to float and lost traction. I certainly wouldn't have expected that.

But if the boat is mostly in the water, why unhook the trailer? Were they going to move the trailer deeper into the water, and then haul it back to the Hummer by hand to hook it back up? Otherwise, they'd just have to back the Hummer even deeper into the water to get it hooked up again, wouldn't they?

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  1. Put vehicle into reverse
  2. Back trailer, with boat, into water
  3. Put vehicle into park/1 and set the parking brake. Be damn sure of it.
  4. Switch off the ignition
  5. Untie the boat and float it off the trailer
  6. Moor the boat securely and out of the way of the boat ramp
  7. Return to vehicle
  8. Start vehicle
  9. Drive vehicle forward, away from the water, to an appropriate parking location, and park it.

If you feel you must unhook the trailer, that's step 10. Not before.

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I’m really trying not to laugh… Try not to laugh… Try not to…LMFAO!!!!!!

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I'd call a sunken Hummer one of His wonders in the deep.

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