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Report: North End restaurant owner who was released to home confinement on attempted-murder charge cut off his court-ordered GPS device

Update: Mendoza ordered back to jail, at least pending a pre-trial conference turned bail hearing tomorrow, per court records.

The Globe reports that Patrick Mendoza was arrested Saturday for cutting off his court-ordered ankle bracelet and allegedly told BPD officers he was tired of wearing the ankle bracelet and was thinking it was time to try to kill somebody else.

Mendoza had been released from pre-trial detention just last month, on the condition he stay at home except to go to work or to see his doctor and lawyer.

The now former owner of Monica's Trattoria on Prince Street - his wife and sons now legally own it - is charged with trying to gun down somebody with whom he had a long-standing beef last July outside Modern Pastry.

After failing to kill or even hit the man, Mendoza allegedly pedaled off on his bicycle, only to show up at a Cape substance-abuse center, where he was arrested on attempted-murder and gun charges. A judge ordered him held for four months as a potential threat to society.

His case was moved from Boston Municipal Court to Suffolk Superior Court after he was indicted in September. A Suffolk Superior Court then extended his time behind bars through May.

In addition to wearing a GPS device, a judge also ordered Mendoza to stay away from the man he allegedly shot at and at least 200 yards from Modern Pastry and to take a weekly drug test, court records show.

Innocent, etc.

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Somewhere in Greater Boston, a criminal-defense attorney reads universalhub.com and then reaches for the bottle of Pepto-Bismol that is never far from him these days.

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I have to think that when something like this happens, the judge thinks "That's the last time I do that". Talk about ruining it for everybody.

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They'll wuss out and go soft again.

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"North End Restaurateur" seems to be a new codeword for "completely unhinged." If this group was trying to become a budding political force in the city, they've certainly captured the public's attention for several lovely incidents this year. I guess it might mean taking Oscar Wilde’s words to heart "There’s only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

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I like it.

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... shouldn't that be an automatic "Go Directly to Jail" penalty?

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In most cases, Yes.

But he's a lil lacking on the melanin so different rules for him.

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He was taken to jail. That's where he is right now, with a hearing tomorrow.

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One look at this headline and I was thinking: "...It was time to try to kill somebody else."

What the heck else could he have been thinking cutting of a GPS monitor with those charges and how the heck is he even out loose with those charges? Had to be a White guy.

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