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Red Line to be free this afternoon as an apology for this morning's non-service

The MBTA says it's throwing open the fare gates at Red Line stations between 3 and 7 p.m. for the commuting disaster this morning caused when a maintenance vehicle derailed on the Alewife-bound tracks at Park Street, not just jamming up the tracks but damaging the third rail.

The T says what caused the derailment is under investigation.

It says it happened while overnight crews were getting equipment in place for an upcoming 16-day Red Line track-improvement surge, starting this weekend, in which the Red Line will be shut completely between Alewife and Kendall all day long and between Kendall and Park after 8:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

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Today the Boston City Council is having a hearing on congestion taxes for motorists who choose to drive into the city.


Totally useless to monthly pass holders.


If it works.


But what about those with monthly passes? Shouldn’t they get reimbursed for one fare?


How would that work @Lee? It's not like a monthly Bus/Subway or just Subway Charlie Card has a limited number of fares on them that are subtracted each time you ride.

I was stuck in this mess on the first train out of ashmont. I understand stuff happens, but the lack of prompt and clear information is completely unacceptable.

Sitting on the train at 515 only to be told we were standing by.

530 rolls around and the T finally posts on Twitter and announcements are made in the train. We start moving at about that time. Get to savin hill and we stop for another 20 minutes. Just insanity. I ended up getting a blue bike from there to bike into dtx.

The T should have been sending out alerts 20 minutes after the derailment (at most) so people could make decisions. Instead I had to make that decision on the fly at savin hill. Also dot Ave needs a redesign that was a horrible ride in.