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Schilling says he'd only serve one term

Curt Schilling posts his platform, which is a lot more nuanced than you might think (look at the section on the Second Amendment or on his support for pro-choice Charlie Baker).

Also includes this statement:

I live in a state where I can't drive 1/2 of a mile without a torn up road, or on a major highway without paying a toll, a large toll.

Kind of interesting that Schilling's never driven on 128 or 93 or 95 or 3 or 495.


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Driving in Boston wears on your soul.

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He has guts to say he does not believe in gay marriage in his rant, alas that also cost him my vote. I have to face my gay friends everyday and can not send someone to congress, especially from Massachusetts, who believes their marriages should not have ever happened.

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Sounds more like he's running for a state office - how does the senator in washington get pot holes filled? maybe someone at the state level could put pressure on mass highway...

whatever, if he runs it will be a joke - this state is not going to vote a republican in.

gay marriage, abortion, health care, and his lack of experience are my deciding issues. he would make a great politician though - he's made millions doing nothing.

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