Alleged dumbass shoots guy in the back, then shoots himself in the leg

Police yesterday charged a Dorchester man with shooting a teenager in the back as the kid attempted to run away from him on June 26.

Police say that after shooting the teen at Nightingale and Wales streets around 2:50 p.m., Gevaughn Clark, 21, of Dorchester, got back in his car and, while attempting to put his gun in his pocket, managed to fire a shot into his own leg. They say he showed up later in the day at Carney Hospital with a bullet hole that started on his right hip and ended on the other side of his right leg:

Gevaughn Clark had stated that he got shot at the corner of Wales St. and Nightingale St. but stated he was walking to his car not driving.

Police say an investigation showed otherwise and that they recovered the bullet from the floor of his car. The teen's injuries were not life threatening.



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Gun control indeed!

I think Mr. Alleged most certainly could have benefitted from better gun control measures if he can't manage to put his gun down his pants without shooting his own sorry self.

As for the old "stock six inches from the shoulder" mistake ... ouch. Never done it to myself, but I've seen it happen.

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OK, I don't get it

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These "kids" can get their hands on pretty much any gun they want, but getting a holster is a little out of their skill set?

Every other entry at BPDNews includes the phrase "suspect was clutching his waistband". A good holster will solve that problem.

When it's easier for kids to get a gun on the street than it is for them to get a $10 one-size-fits-all holster, there's a problem.

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