Shooting in Dorchester

Boston Police report: Shortly after 5 a.m. today, a man got lucky at Torrey and Oakwood streets, when a bullet only grazed his head; he was treated and released at Boston Medical Center.



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Your headline says Mattapan but the text says Jamaica Plain. Also, where is Rockville Circle? Google Maps can't find it.

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Rockvale Circle

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Rockvale Circle is off of Washington Street in Jamaica Plain -- near English High.

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Google is good at spelling correction, but it's not that good. Perhaps they should use a Soundex algorithm. Why did the police press release get the street name wrong?

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bullets flying blocks from Doyles

Wow, bullets flying and people getting shot in JP, a few blocks from Doyle's.

I saw the Commissioner on TV last night telling Emily Rooney how gang violence is down 11% and gun violence between people who know each other is up. I assume he was comparing this year to last which may not have a significant statistical value (in other words its a misleading stat). I think he's just spinning the numbers.

There have been far more gun shots, gun shot wounds and deaths in JP and Roslindale in the last two years than there have been since 1992 when I moved.

It occured to me that the Commish may believe his own BS.

He also had a few words about David Woodmen in which he expressed no doubt about whether excessive force was used. Basically, he said that he'll repeat what he's been told - to him, that is what telling the truth means.

Rockvale Circle isn't a circle, it's a dead end.

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