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Alleged hungry thugs forgot the first rule of sticking up the delivery guy

Which is: When you call in your order, don't use your actual address. Boston Police report arresting four Dorchester residents for armed robbery with a sawed-off shotgun Friday night - in the same apartment they'd listed when they called up a local pizza shop to order three pizzas and a calzone.

Police say one of the four met the delivery guy downstairs at 105 Lawrence Ave. around 11 p.m., handed him $40 as if to pay him, then pulled out a handgun and demanded all his money:

According to the victim at this same time, two other black males in their late teens exited the building, one armed with a silver handgun and the other with a sawed-off rifle. After the suspect's was robbed of his money, the suspects instructed him not to look back and they fled into 105 Lawrence Avenue.

When police arrived, they went up to Apartment 6, from which the order had come. They say they found the four hiding in the bathroom - four other people were lounging about the living room - along with a black and brown handled sawed-off shotgun. Oh, and elsewhere in the apartment, police say they found three pizza boxes.

Kenya M. Blalock, 18, Dammikka A. Singleton, 18, Darius M. Sims, 20 and Jeffrey S. Jones, 19, were charged with armed robbery possession of a sawed-off rifle.

Kenya is, as they say, known to police. On Dec. 1, she was arrested along with four other people on charges they robbed a guy walking down Bowdoin Street near Geneva Avenue.

Innocent, etc.

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Nobody ever said crininals were smart....if they were they'd be doctors! Lock em up and throw away the key.

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