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Two stabbed at Allston bar; four arrested

Boston Police tweet that two men were stabbed around 1 a.m. at Avenue Bar and Grille, 1249 Comm. Ave. Both men were taken to local hospitals and are expected to be OK.

Boston Police report they were stabbed during a fight that started inside the bar and spilled outside. At its height, the brawl included not just stabbings but bottles used as weapons. Police add:

While officers were interviewing the witnesses and processing the crime scene, other responding units observed several suspects walking from the rear of the bar, one of whom had blood on his clothing and was breathing heavily. All four suspects were successfully stopped after brief foot pursuits. The four suspects were taken back to the scene to see if they could be positively identified by the witnesses. None of the witnesses were able to identify the suspects as having done the stabbing but did positively the suspects as having been involved in throwing bottles and the fight which preceded the stabbing.

Jason Diaz, 28, of Allston, Sopheab Kan, 21, of Brighton, Daniel Chhim, 21, of Lynn and Christian Diaz, 28, of Allston were arrested and charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon - bottles and rocks.

Allston City Limits notes that Chanley Kan, Sopheab Kan's older brother, pleaded guilty to a murder in 2006 and is now serving an 18-year sentence.

Innocent, etc.

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