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Police: Teens mug deaf South Boston woman, who then chases after them

Boston Police report a woman walking near Dorchester and Ward streets was mugged around noon yesterday by three teens who took her cell phone and then ran toward the McCormack project.

The woman, police say, ran after them. They eluded her, but a detail officer near Kemp Street spotted them and was able to direct responding cruiser to them:

With the suspects detained, officers noted that the suspects appeared to be out of breath and sweaty. Additionally, while approaching the suspects, officers observed one of the suspects drop an item on the ground. Upon retrieving the item, officers noted that the item was a maroon-colored cell phone similar to the one stolen from the victim.

Kevin Porter and Richie Williams, both 17, and a 16-year-old not identified because of his age, were charged with unarmed robbery.


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What happened to High School?

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Most likely, it was a text phone as the deaf do not talk and hear over the cell phone.

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