MBTA: Two alleged gropers grabbed last night


The MBTA reports Transit Police arrested two alleged gropers last night, one for an incident at Copley station around 10 p.m., the other for an incident this past June in Quincy.

On the Green Line, MBTA Transit Police arrested William Carlyle, 52, of Northampton Street in Boston on a charge of indecent assault and battery after he allegedly put his hands where he shouldn't have on the rear of a Revere woman:

The victim stated that while she was at Copley Station waiting for the eastbound train, she felt someone grab her ass. The victim asked her friend "did you grab my ass?" To which she stated "no." The victim and her friend heard a male voice say "I did it, and I liked it." The victim stated "Stop what you are doing." The male stated "You will never see me again, so what does it matter?"

The two women found an MBTA official at the station, who called police, who found Carlyle at Park Street. The two women then saw him again, as police brought them over to Park to identify him, which police say they did.

In the Quincy incident, a woman reported to police that when she got on the Red Line inbound at Quincy Center around 7:30 a.m on June 26:

[S]he felt a hand grab onto her buttocks firmly. [The victim] stated she turned around and confronted a male suspect. The victim state the suspect verbally harassed her until he exited the train at Downtown Crossing.

The T says William James of Chelsea, was arrested last night - at Quincy Center station.

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I love that these nasty little jerks are having their names and faces exposed to the whole city. Women T riders: keep up the good work reporting this evil stuff.

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