Armed robbery on BU campus

Boston University Police report two men had their cell phones stolen outside the John Hancock Student Village, 915 Comm. Ave., this afternoon. The Daily Free Press has more:

[T]wo males approached them from either side and asked, "Do you want to get shot?"

Meanwhile, out in Newton, two residents of Tent City in the South End were arrested at Mount Ida College on charges they threatened to rape and kidnap two female students, Wicked Local Newton reports.



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Campus police running for the hills (cities and towns).

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Under Deval Patrick, the state hasn't hired one trooper. Likewise, the state agency empowered to train and certify local cops has done little. As a result, campus cops who were granted an exemption into a municipal police academy (mostly pre-2006) and were given full-fledged academy status, are now sought after by cities and towns who can't afford the tuition for new recruits, even if an academy were scheduled. Certain campus cops who somehow got academy training are leaving for the security, pay and prestige of the cities and towns and the colleges are less safe. Just look at Regis, BC and BU this week.

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Sounds familiar

"Campus crime statistics were part of the public record. Or were supposed to be. Lynch had no control over the Boston cops, but a mugging on the grounds of AU investigated by the AU police force could be written up in several creative ways. A beating was after all just a dispute, wasn’t it? Armed robbery was a disturbance, primarily, and a crying rape victim came under the category of noise complaint. Didn’t it? It seemed only just to Lynch. Penn State didn’t have an urban area bordering it. It wasn’t fair that their crime stats benefited from being in the middle of cow pastures. Filing grand theft auto reports in the lost property drawer was just AU’s way of evening out the inequities of geography. Now concerned parents in Charlack, Missouri (population 1431) could browse the college guides and not be alarmed at the prospect of sending their beloved baby off to the big city. Hey, look! It’s as safe as Missouri Baptist University, and it’s in Boston. Undergraduate magnet of the world. Let’s drive to the bank, Ma, and send them a heap o’ money so Billy Bob can go and get some of that book learnin’!"

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