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When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have garden-hose nozzles covered in electrical tape

Boston Police report arresting two alleged yahoos who used what looked like a gun to hold up a Mass. Ave. store yesterday, but which turned out to be an imitation crafted out of a nozzle and black tape, no doubt crafted at one of the alleged suspect's home in Roslindale, where such supplies are commonplace.

Paul R. Whooten, 47, of Roslindale, and James Travis, 41, listed as living in "Boston," were charged with armed robbery because their victim thought the contraption in Whooten's waistband was, in fact, a gun.

According to police, Whooten walked into a store at 225 Mass. Ave. around 5:30 p.m. and demanded money. When he thought the clerk was being slow, police say, he "pulled up his shirt and displayed a gun in his waistband." Once outside, he joined up with Travis and the two ran away - followed by the store owner, who ran after them, police say.

Officers caught up with them on Gainsborough between Huntington and St. Botolph, where, police say, they recovered both the tape-covered nozzle and the money.

Innocent, etc.



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