BU hockey player charged with sexual assault

Corey Trivino, a star player on the BU hockey team, faces charges he forced his way into a female student's room and repeatedly groped her, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Trivino, a Canadian, was ordered to surrender his passport at his arraignment yesterday in Brighton District Court, the DA's office says. Judge David T. Donnelly released Trivino on his own recognizance, but ordered him to stay away from BU dorms - and to hand over $25,000 before he gets his passport back.

According to prosecutors, Trivino forced his way into the student's room at 10 Buick St. late Sunday:

The victim told the officers that Trivino had forced his way into her room, tried to kiss her, and groped her repeatedly after she asked him and a group of others to abide by the dormitory’s mandatory quiet hours. Trivino allegedly refused to leave her room even when she resisted his advances and told him he needed to go. Only when the victim called for help on the phone did Trivino run out of the room, she said.

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Guess which quote below is

Guess which quote below is from an aggressive American hockey player and which on is from an aggressive Canadian hockey player?

"Hey,...wanna puck?"
"Hey,...wanna puck, eh?"

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