Police: Officers forced to draw weapons to stop man walking around Egleston Square with a butcher knife

Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man they say refused repeated demands to drop the butcher knife he was brandishing as he ambled down Washington Street around 5:45 p.m. yesterday:

Officer stated to the suspect, "Boston Police drop the knife." The suspect did not comply with the officer's request.

Due to the congestion in the area of Egleston Square and concern for the safety of others and his, the officer was forced to draw out his department issued weapon. Officer ordered the suspect repeatedly to drop his weapon. The suspect failed to comply again with officer's orders and took a few steps toward the officer.

Additional units responded and demanded the suspect to drop the knife. The suspect complied with the request.

James Johnson, 42, was charged with unlawfully carrying a dangerous weapon and disturbing the peace.

Innocent, etc.



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