Three stabbed in Dorchester brawl

Boston Police are investigating how two people wound up with stab wounds on Semont Road shortly after 10 p.m. and their connecton to a man with a stab wound who walked into Boston Medical Center not long after that.

At least one of the victims on Semont was in bad enough condition to have the homicide unit summoned.

At least six people were reported running from the scene, which may have started as a fight outside St. Mark's Church around the corner on Dorchester Avenue.

Dorchester Avenue in the area of the crime scene was shut down for the police investigation.



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Ah the Old Neighborhood...

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Yummies messing up the good work Fr. Dan Finn tries to do inside that church and out in the community. On the upside at least the pondscum are using knives on each other so as to avoid bullet holes in nearby people, homes and the church. You stay classy blade users!

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