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You can't just show up at mom's on Mother's Day without some flowers, even if you have just carjacked a cab

Hickey (l), CunneenHickey (l), CunneenBoston Police report arresting a couple of alleged sad sacks for carjacking a cab in City Square last night.

Police say one of the men jumped behind the wheel but managed to get only a short distance down Devens Street before colliding with two parked cars. The other man, police say, then ran up to the cab because in all the commotion, he'd forgotten to grab a "floral arrangement consisting of orange, yellow and red flowers" he'd brought with him.

Police say the two men, one wearing a Bruins T-shirt, the other a Celtics T, decided around 6 p.m. that rather than paying their fare, they'd hold up the cab driver.

Bruins guy pointed a gun - turned out to be of the BB variety, rather than of the high-caliber type - at the cabbie, police say. The cabbie got out of his taxi as did the two men, a fight started, Bruins guy shot him twice, then the two got in the car and drove away, at least for a few seconds, after which he ditched the car and ran. Meanwhile, Celtics guy ran, too - up to the cab, to retrieve his bouquet - police say.

Police say officers spotted Bruins guy, a.k.a. Shawn Hickey, 40, of Boston, and Celtics guy, a.k.a. Brian Cunneen, 21, of Lowell, not long after. The two tried, but failed to outrun the fleet-footed officers, who arrested them on charges of armed carjacking and armed robbery. Hickey was also charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and, of course, leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage.

Hickey was ordered held without bail today pending a dangerousness hearing on May 21, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Cunneen had bail on an unrelated Lowell charge revoked, which means he won't be going anywhere anytime soon, either, the DA's office adds.

Innocent, etc.

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guy on left looks like human version of "The Thing" superhero (the one made of rocks)

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If Ben Grimm was made of canker sores and his superpower was contracting herpes then, yes, the guy on the left would be exactly like The Thing.

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