Police: Orange Line perv arrested when victim spots him at same station a week later

PenaMBTA Transit Police report arresting a man they say "manipulated himself" in front of a woman at Tufts Medical Center on Oct. 6 when the woman saw him again last night at the Orange Line station.

Police say Juan Pena, 23, started his subway interlude on Oct. 6 by piggybacking his way into the station. Then:

[He] proceeded over to the victim with his pants unzippered and was manipulating himself. The female victim screamed and attempted to walk away from the male, however he followed close behind her the entire time masturbating. The victim contacted Transit Police and reported the incident.

Last night, around 8:20, police say, the woman entered the station and saw the guy on the platform. She immediately contact police, who, after she IDed him, arrested him on a charge of open and gross conduct. He's scheduled for arraignment today in Boston Municipal Court.

Innocent, etc.



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Gotta wonder..

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I know its an illness that causes this.. (and that's a stretch in some circles)

But really, what possesses these folks to do this?

Not only did the female try to walk away.. but the guy followed her, holding on to his weenis at the same time. I mean shit, hello.. she walked away, she's so not interested.

And it just seems to happen more often lately.. wtf gives?

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He was checking if he qualified for any of the medical studies advertised on the T and in Metro. Or priming the pump for a sperm donation.

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Part of a conspiracy

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He's trying to force people into cars to create more traffic and make public transit less reliable!

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