Confronting a mugger doesn't always go the way you'd hope

Boston Police report that when he had his wallet stolen by a man and a woman around 11 p.m. on Monday outside 313 E. 8 St. in South Boston, he chased after them and confronted them. One of his muggers then displayed a knife and took his cell phone.



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actually, it did end up the way he hoped

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The very next sentence:

"Suspects identified and summonsed."

Of course, I'd really like to know why they weren't ARRESTED, given they'd just committed two robberies, one of them armed. These two are just going to end up ignoring the summons and then spending the next couple of years causing problems until someone happens to arrest them for something else and THEN the warrant gets called in...

BPD: Why arrest criminals, when we can just issue warrants, let them roam the streets, and deal with it later?

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Unfortunately there are many

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Unfortunately there are many Boston Police officers which don't feel like doing their jobs when paperwork is involved at inconvenient times for them.

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