Police: Angry man on bus spits on driver, uses fist to smash bus window, attacks cops

Ramirez-RodrigueMBTA Transit Police report arresting a man they say went even more berserk than he already was when ordered off a bus in Dudley Square for swearing at the driver.

Police say that around 7:45, a route-45 driver picked up Carlos Ramirez-Rodrigue, 38, at Blue Hill Avenue and Dudley Street:

Ramirez-Rodrigue entered the bus and immediately began yelling and swearing at the driver who asked Ramirez-Rodrigue to get off the bus which he did. While exiting the bus Ramirez-Rodrigue spit in the direction of the driver multiple times. When Ramirez-Rodrigue exited the bus, the driver closed the front passenger side door. Ramirez-Rodrigue then began punching the front passenger door with a closed fist and shattered the window.

A couple of Boston Police officers found him first and put him in their cruiser, in which he continued to scream obscenities, according to a Transit Police report.

He was transferred to the care of Transit officers, who took him to their headquarters on Southampton Street for booking. Police say during that process, he grabbed an officer's thumb "in an attempt to break it" and that when placed in a special "safety cell," he spat at officers. During a search, police add, they found "a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance weighing 12.16 grams" in his shorts.

Ramirez-Rodrigue was charged with malicious destruction of property, two counts of assault and battery on a police officer and assault. he was also issued a citation for possession of an ounce or less of marijuana.

Innocent, etc.



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Angry man spits on driver

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fYI, The T Police Headquarters is not on Mass Ave. It is on Southhampton Street.

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Angry at himself

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For forgetting to get dressed before leaving the house. Still, it isn't an excuse to take it out on the world...

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