Wild west in the South End: One shot to death, three arrested, Expressway gridlocked

Expressway scene. Photo by Dan Nadworny.Expressway scene. Photo by Dan Nadworny.

Boston and State Police are swarming the area from Boston Medical Center to Freeport Street in Dorchester, looking for evidence in a shooting spree that left one man dead and that ended with arrests after a chase down the Expressway.

The incident began shortly after 6:45, when three men started firing away where Mass. Ave., Melnea Cass Boulevard and Southampton Street come together. Boston Police report he was rushed to nearby Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The men fled onto the Expressway south in a silver Nissan - with a Boston cruiser in pursuit. State Police report:

At 6:52 hours a state trooper observed and began pursuing of the wanted vehicle on Rt. 93 at Savin Hill. State Police Troop H Headquarters assumed command and control of what was now a State Police pursuit.

At 6:55 hours two MSP units boxed in the suspect vehicle and troopers took three occupants out of the vehicle at gun point. The three occupants were taken into custody and turned over to Boston Police.

The car was stopped on Freeport Street, Boston Police say.

As of 9 p.m., Boston officers were continuing to search the Expressway - and the land underneath it - for the gun used in the shooting.

UPDATE: Police found a gun around 11 p.m. by Savin Hill, Kevin Wiles reports.




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It was at a total standstill

By Jen on

It was at a total standstill for a while and probably took me an hour to get from the on ramp from the Pike to just before the Neponset exit.

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lots of combing

By on

going on
first the SP helo came by really slow with a light trained on the side of xway and just now, at least 20 cops/suits walking with a rolling SP escort blocking 2 lanes and MDOT light trucks rolling with them

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Backed up beyond Boston

Commuting home by bike, I came alongside the highway on a pathway along the Mystic River in Somerville and traffic was typically slow northbound on 93, but southbound was TOTALLY jammed up!

Now I know why.

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Once again...

Nary a word about it on our Leading Daily Newspaper's web site. However, I learned that Mrs. Tom Brady was at the MFA. Informative stuff.

Thanks for helping keep us actually up-to-date on major crime issues in the area, Adam!

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