Suburban man robbed at gunpoint in Dorchester by two guys who answered his Craigslist for-sale ad

Boston Police report a 20-year-old man from "a nearby suburb" had his laptop and phone taken at gunpoint when he drove to a Dorchester address to meet somebody who claimed he wanted to buy the devices.

Police say the man met two teens at 59 Lydon Way on Oct. 26:

When the victim arrived, he said the suspects wanted to check to be sure the equipment was working. The three men entered 59 Lydon Way to use an electrical outlet on the second floor. While the victim was booting up his computer, one of the suspects pointed a semi -automatic gun at him and took his laptop and phone. One of the suspects allegedly told the victim to walk down the hall and leave the building.

Both suspects are black males between 17 and 20, both about 5'5" and 150 lbs. One had a "round face," and wore a black hoodie and bluejeans, the other wore a green hoodie and khaki pants.

Police say people arranging sales online should only meet their would-be buyers or sellers in busy public places during the day, should have a friend come with them and should never go into an apartment building.



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Come on man

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# 1 rule of CL - Never go to someone's house. Meet at a public place with a security presence. Better if not in Dorchester, Mattapan, et al.

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He's doing it wrong.

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Best place to do a Craigslist sale: MBTA station, especially lately with all the transit police around.

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