Early morning car fire in Allston

A resident reports at 6:47 this morning:

There was a car on fire about seven minutes ago RIGHT BEHIND MY FREAKING HOUSE. Or at least catty-corner to behind my house. It was in a lot behind one of the houses on Higgins Street (13). I awoke out of a half-sleep when I heard the truck stop on Higgins. I looked out my window to see a bunch of firemen walking down the driveway of the house on Higgins toward the lot in back. I thought, "why would a bunch of firemen be here?" Then I looked over to my right and saw the towering inferno of flames that used to be a car. The firemen are still there now.

Last year, you may recall, the Allston Flamer torched a number of cars and pickups, but more toward the BU end of the neighborhood.