Police: Three teens on bikes try to rob man in South End alley; two arrested

Boston Police report a man walking in the alley between West Brookline and West Canton streets around 7 p.m. yesterday found himself confronted by three teens on bikes:

As the victim continued to walk, one of the suspects (unknown black male wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt) blocked his path and stated, "Give me all your (expletive)" and reached towards the victim. The victim stated, "I'm not giving you anything" and attempted to walk around the suspect. At that time, the suspect dropped his bicycle and began to run after the victim, causing the victim to flee and yell for help. All three suspects chased the victim for approximately half of a block before retreating.

Having evaded his muggers, police say, the man called 911.

Officers broadcast a description of the suspects and their direction of flight and began to search the area. Approximately five minutes later, officers, observed three black males and as the officers approached them and attempted to do a threshold inquiry, the individuals immediately split up and began to flee the area. After a lengthy foot pursuit the suspects were apprehended.

The two identified by the victim - a Dorchester teen too young to have his name released - and Dontana Bryant, 17, were arrested on charges of unarmed robbery. The third was released. Police took possession of all three bicycles as evidence.

Innocent, etc.



I admire him

It's not wise to decline the demand to "Give me all your (expletive)," especially when it's three on one, but I admire this guy for flat out saying no. He's got a set on him.

Here's to you, valiant urban warrior!

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Like a male Donatella Verscae?

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