Dorchester man gets the best of home invader, who falls down stairs, flees without jacket

Boston Police report arresting a Revere man on home-invasion charges early today after, they say, he tried to break into the wrong Dorchester resident's apartment.

Police say the 3 Harvest Terrace resident told officers that he was in his apartment around 12:30 a.m. when he opened his door to see what fool kept banging on the door of a lower-floor apartment:

As he opened the door a male with a black jacket covering his head, forcefully pushed the door open and charged him. A violent struggle ensued inside the apartment between the male suspect and the victim. The victim stated he was able to gain control of the male and force him back into the hallway where the male suspect fell down a flight of stairs, then fled.

Officers searched the area and a male wearing a torn black tank top was observed attempting to climb a chain linked fence a few blocks away. The suspect was positively identified by the victim.

In addition to home invasion, Erick Lopez, 25, was charged with assault and battery.

Innocent, etc.




He'll probably be out on

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He'll probably be out on laughably low bail in a couple days. Here's to hoping the next house he breaks into is occupied by some angry shotgun-wielding dude.

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good for you. you fought

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good for you. you fought back.glad you were not injured.the poliish triangle is
a nice quiet area of Dorchester hopefully it stays that

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