Two charged with Christmas Eve gunpoint mugging in Dorchester

A pair of alleged street punks are charged with using a loaded gun to rob somebody of his iPhone around 12:20 p.m. on Dec. 24 at Carruth and Minot streets, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports:

John Cesar, 20, and Antiowane Davis, 19, were arraigned today in Dorchester District Court on charges of armed robbery and unlawful possession of a firearm. Judge Robert N. Tochka ordered $5,000 bail for Cesar at $10,000 for Davis, the DA's office reports.

The DA's office provided this account:

According to prosecutors, the two men approached a 20-year-old Dorchester man in the area of Carruth and Minot streets at 12:20 p.m. on Christmas Eve. The men questioned the victim about where he was from and what he was doing in the area. The men also said they themselves were from Dorchester Avenue.

One of the men, later identified as Davis, lifted his jacket to reveal a black handgun in his waistband, prosecutors said. The other man, later identified as Cesar, allegedly said, "Give me your stuff." The suspects then took the victim’s wallet and iPhone and ran in the direction of Adams Street.

The victim provided police with a detailed physical description of the suspects and their clothing. As a result, additional officers attempted to stop two men meeting those descriptions in front of the Boston Public Library branch on Adams Street. Instead, prosecutors said, Cesar ran through backyards and was apprehended on Ashmont Street, while Davis fled down the dead-end Souther Road, where he allegedly discarded the black cap he was wearing during the armed robbery.

An off-duty Boston police officer spotted the black hat in the middle of the street in front of one Souther Road address and saw Davis walking out of another. Further investigation revealed that a screen door to the residence Davis was seen exiting had been ripped and a sweatshirt matching the one worn by the suspect during the robbery was found inside the enclosed porch, prosecutors said.

A loaded Hi-Point .380 Caliber handgun with one chambered round was found under a nearby porch, according to prosecutors.



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