Two dead, one seriously injured at Roslindale housing complex

Boston Police report they are investigating two deaths and a near-death, all several hours apart, at a Roslindale senior-citizen's housing complext.

Police say officers found a man in his 60s dead around 11 a.m. yesterday, with no visible injuries at the Roslyn Apartments, 1 Cliffmont St., off Canterbury.

Today, around 5:40 a.m., police found another dead man, also in his 60s, in a first-floor hallway. Around 10 a.m., officers returned and found a woman "suffering from unknown life threatening injuries."

A hazmat crew was summoned but found no carbon monoxide, police say. The Globe reports one woman who arrived to pick up her grandmother was "was overwhelmed by a pungent smell similar to onions, wafting through the vents and hallway."

Police say they are continuing to investigate the deaths.



The city's interpretation of

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The city's interpretation of 'disabled' is more than what most people would consider disabled. This is true in other cities and towns, also.

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Wait, so, the city's interpretation, which is based on federal law, and all those other cities and towns who are required to use the federal law aren't using the right guidelines, and they should use yours instead?


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BHA ethos

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I don't know how the topic of housing and the disabled came up. I must have missed something in the thread, but I will tell you about the Roslyn Apts.

There seems to be many more disadvantaged disabled non-elderly people there who are disabled - some due to substance abuse problems - some have been in jailed thanks to the Federal Government. There are many quality of life issues that are not resolved and that negativly hurt the elderly, who are fearful of retaliation for pointing out the problems. There is no Resident Committee due to a lack of people who have the energy to keep beating their heads against the wall to improve the place. Speaking up and adocating for change, merely brings negative attention to them from an uncaring manager. The Resident Service Coordinator does NOTHING for the people there or at the other BHA properties she is responsible for. Her supervisor knows this, but he is no better. Praise the Lord, there is a wonderful, caring and respectful Assistant Manager that residents can deal with.

To add to this, the in-house maintenace man believes he shouldn't be "bothered" on night and weekends. Nothing is ever his responsibility. The contractors who work on the property repairs
can get away with shoddy craftsmanship. The place could use a makeover.

The head of the BHA and some other top adminitrators are aware of such issues, and are honest, hardworking employees. Some local officials are, too. The breakdown in attitude and of the desire to provide excellence of service must come at a lower management level, who are definitely aware of the problems.

It is my hope that the attention this tragedy brings to this and other young disabled and elderly housing complexes can be a call for change within the management of the BHA.

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