DA: Quincy man robs Citizens branch with deposit slip from Sovereign branch he chickened out of robbing

A Quincy man who chickened out of robbing a Sovereign Bank branch in South Boston on Feb. 26 when a teller demanded he remove first his sunglasses and then his hat was arrested after he robbed the Citizens Bank branch across the street minutes later, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says.

Patrick Hennessey, 31, was arraigned in South Boston District Court yesterday arraigned for unarmed robbery and attempted unarmed robbery, the DA's office reports. Prosecutors asked for $50,000 bail; Judge Michael C. Bolden set bail at $15,500.

According to prosecutors, Hennessey entered the Sovereign branch on West Broadway around 11:20 a.m. wearing sunglasses, a knit hat pulled low on his head and "a black jacket zipped high to partially cover his face." He wrote out his demand for money on the back of a Sovereign deposit slip.

A teller noticed Hennessey as soon as he entered and instructed him to remove his hat and sunglasses. After the request was repeated several times, Hennessey turned away from the teller, removed the sunglasses, and pulled the hat even lower. Upon the teller's insistence that he needed to remove his hat, Hennessey allegedly became nervous and walked out with the deposit slip still in his hand.

Four minutes later, the DA's office says, he walked into the Citizens branch across the street - not only wearing the same clothes, but carrying the same Sovereign deposit slip:

A second astute teller immediately pulled a silent alarm to inform police.

Hennessey approached the Citizen's teller and flung the Sovereign Bank slip at her, prosecutors said. On the back was written, "Give me all the money please no dye packs." Hennessey provided a CVS bag into which the teller placed the cash, prosecutors said. He then grabbed the bag and fled.

Innocent, etc.



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