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Police: Six angry drug dealers arrested, three after chase across Blue Hill Avenue rooftops

Boston Police report that when six drug dealers got into a loud, angry argument inside a Blue Hill Avenue apartment early Saturday, somebody called police. Arriving officers surrounded the building and arrested them all - but only after three tried to escape by climbing on the roof of the neighboring building and then jumping back on the roof of the building they'd just fled. Turns out the officers were equally adept at playing Spiderman.

According to police, officers responded to a gun call at 580 Blue Hill Ave. around 12:25 a.m. on Saturday and quickly learned there had just been "a large altercation" involving men with guns on the second floor:

Upon entering the location, officers could hear a lot of commotion and several people running around inside the apartment on the 2nd floor. According to the officers, it sounded as if the individuals in the apartment were attempting to flee the location by running to the rear of the building. Officers stationed in the rear of the residence observed three individuals exit 580 Blue Hill Ave but, upon seeing the officers, the suspects quickly ran into 576 Blue Hill Ave. Officers pursued the suspects as they ran up to the roof of the location. However, once on the roof, the suspects jumped the alley to the roof of the building located next door at 580 Blue Hill Ave. Officers followed the suspects, jumping from one roof to the other, and were able to subdue the three suspects at gunpoint on the roof of 580 Blue Hill Ave.

Police say officers seized "three firearms and a large amount of illegal narcotics including: approximately 12 pounds of marijuana, over 200 grams of cocaine, 190 grams of heroin and a tactical bullet proof vest."

Arrested on charges of trafficking heroin: Gilbert Rodriguez-Diaz, 21, Josue Santana, 31, Jose Justiniano, 38, Leidys Lugo-Meija, 24, Maykor Baez, 20, and Jonathan Garcia, 22. They could face additional charges, police say.

Baez and Garcia have interacted with police before. Baez had been charged with cocaine possession in 2011, but prosecutors dismissed the charge because ex-state chemist Annie Dookhan has been assigned to testing the material he'd been found with, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. He still faces a gun charge related to that same incident, the DA's office reports.

All six are scheduled for arraignment today in Dorchester District Court.

Innocent, etc.

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They should try a little weed.

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First, bravo to the cops for getting these guys. Jumping off roofs and stuff....

But as the debate about guns rages, I'm on the side that thinks most of the gun control proposals are aimed at making it harder to be a legal gun owner. When the NRA (who I often think are loony) complains about current laws not being enforced and bad guys being left on the streets, well, this punk being free while his gun crime creeps its way through the court system seems to prove them right.

Before you come after me because my rifle- the one with a trigger lock and then double-locked up in a safe- is capable of holding a 30 rnd magazine or because I did not properly file my change of address on my license. . Lock up the punk who ALREADY committed a crime while carrying a gun and is still busy shooting up his neighborhood!

I heard a story today about some states expediting gun trials in court. That sounds smart to me. And this case seems to underline why.

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its crazy i was placed in this neighborhood (not by choice) i know beggers cant be choosers but how do they expect a family to prosper and become something and live normal when all of this is going on in my neighborhood not to mention i speak to my case workers to place me out of here because of all thats happening and still im stuck here smh nobody cares if you live in the slums until something happens... oh wait! something did happen and im still here what does it take to get out of this neighborhood!!!

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