Quincy duo charged with beating man at South Station in homophobic rage

Hayes and Ruiz.Hayes and Ruiz. Transit Police photos.Transit Police report arresting two men on charges they broke another man's nose - and stole his phone - during a brutal attack early Saturday.

Colin Hayes, 21, and Derek Ruiz, 28, are scheduled for arraignment in Boston Municipal Court today on charges of unarmed robbery, aggravated assault and battery and civil-rights violations with injuries.

According to police, a man in the commuter-rail lobby was charging his phone while waiting for his train around 5:40 a.m.:

At this time two males walked passed and began to taunt the victim by hurling homophobic slurs directed at him without provocation. The victim attempted to ignore the males' taunting but they continued. Finally the victim requested he be left alone and both males appeared to have left the area. However approximately five minutes later they returned and set upon the victim punching him about his face. The attack rendered the victim dazed, bloodied and with a nasal fracture. During the attack the victim's cellular telephone was also stolen.

The victim was taken to Tufts Medical Center for treatment.

Two years ago, Hayes was charged with running over a construction worker's leg after the man objected to Hayes allegedly firing a Nerf gun at him.

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