Brighton woman charged with setting apartment on fire - while daughter and male companion were inside

A 49-year-old resident of the Fidelis Way project will be arraigned tomorrow on charges she tried to kill her daughter and the daughter's companion by setting them on fire early this morning, the Boston Fire Department and Boston Police report.

The department says the two people inside the 905 Jette Ct. apartment, both 21, had to be brought down a ladder from the third-floor apartment after the fire broke out in the hallway outside around 4:20 a.m.

Both were taken to St. Elizabeth's with possible smoke inhalation. A firefighter suffered a neck injury during the incident, the department reports.

The mother, identified by Boston Police as Lisa Brown, will be arraigned on charges of attempted murder and arson, the department says.

The fire did an estimated $25,000 in damage.

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Domestic violence victims are only women and gay men.

There isn't a single shelter in Boston for a straight male who is the victim of domestic violence.

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