Two banks blocks away robbed, possibly by same suspect

Both the BrooklineBank branch at 131 Clarendon St. and the Hingham Institution for Savings branch at 530 Tremont St., were robbed this morning, both by a white man in his 30s wearing a loose white T shirt.



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Maybe time for security?

As far as I know, Hingham has never had a security officer onsite, unlike the Bank of America branch just a few doors down on the other side of Tremont.

Not coincidentally, that BofA doesn't get held up.

This is easily the 5th or 6th time Hingham has been held up. It's so popular, I think robbers use toothpicks to determine who's up next to rob it.

We use Hingham for our condo ass. bank account. I think we're being rather foolish.

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