Police seek Smurfs fan, pal for robbery at Savin Hill T stop

Transit Police report they are looking for a duo they say robbed two women of their purses and phones around 10:50 p.m. on Tuesday at the Savin Hill Red Line stop.

One of the subjects covered his face with a knit hat. The other subject pulled the hood of his sweatshirt over his face.

One of the subjects can be observed wearing a gray, "Pappa Smurf" tee-shirt. The other is seen wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt with the name 'AERO" in large white letters.



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T-police should stand for Truth Police

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At least they will tell you the truth about crime as opposed to the State Police and Boston Police who are acting like spoiled kids fighting over lucrative details in the Seaport District

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The police aren't fighing over anything.

A crime happened and the State police didn't let anyone know about it. One or two people in the State Police screwed up. It has nothing to do with the Boston Police, and it has very little to do with details. The more land the state police gets to cover, the bigger their budget is.

Blame the lawmakers, not the police on this one.

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