Two stabbed, bus stop shot up in quick succession in Dorchester

Police are looking for a tan or gold Scion in connection with a stabbing around 9:30 a.m. on Stratton Street near Blue Hill Avenue. Police found one victim on the street. The second victim disappeared, but may have jumped into the Scion with the stabber.

Not long after, shots were fired at a bus stop a couple blocks away at Blue Hill Avenue and Callendar Street. Police quickly stopped two men and recovered a gun.



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thank you

By caroline on

Boston police is relly doin a great job all night and part of the day jus began thanks for all your hard work

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Too close for comfort!

About an hour and a half earlier, I had been standing and bicycling near there, to watch the Caribbean Carnival's "J'ouvert" parade. Seemed quite peaceful then!

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This is exactly why I'm not

By on

This is exactly why I'm not going out today. I'll enjoy the festival from home this year.

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