Man shot in shoulder at Bromley-Heath

UPDATE: Two suspects arrested, one at Huntington and South Huntington with a gun, the other at Parker and Alleghany, where Angie V. was able to watch the action (above) out her window.

AlertNewEngland reports a man was shot around 4:15 p.m. in the Bromley-Heath project. The initial report came in for Horan Way, but police found shell casings on Heath Street in what could be a gang-related shooting.

The suspects are described as two Hispanic males, both about 5'7." One wore a yellow hoodie, the other a black hoodie.

Police shut South Huntington Avenue and Heath Street for the investigation, which meant the T was ending E Line service at Brigham Circle.



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Bruins fans

"One wore a yellow hoodie, the other a black hoodie." Just sayin. I know, I and GOLD.

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Have to walk down Heath in about 10 minutes

Have to go that way in 10 minutes to grab the Orange Line. Or I could change things up and grab the Green Line instead... oh wait- they're short turning the E Line at Brigham Circle. Bah, whatever, right now, Heath-Bromley is probably the safest it's ever been with the police presence. Currently, regular traffic is being allowed through. So I'm not sure what 'police action' is hindering the E Line enough to cause short turning.

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I could see terminating the 14 at Jackson (or else diverting it via Centre and South Huntington), but how does this impact the trolley? Did they expect someone to flee via the Green Line?

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