Woman sexually attacked, photographed in the North End

Boston Police report a woman entering her apartment builing on Unity Street around 1:10 a.m. yesterday was jumped by a man who sexually attacked her and then, when he was done, whipped out his cell phone and took a photo.

He's described as white, in his 20s, with a medium build, short blond spiked hair and blue eyes. He was clean shaven with possible freckles on his cheeks and wore a dark pea coat, jeans and Timblerland-style jeans.

The past several years have seen several unsolved sexual attacks on women in the North End, typically on women walking alone late at night.




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Why does this seem to happen so often in the North End?

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When I lived in the North End around the millennium, there were several instances similar to this; it was bad enough that all the shops were handing out whistles to the young women in the neighborhood. I'm not sure if they ever found the perpetrator but I'm guessing that it's someone different (since that guy would no longer be in his 20s).

What is it with this area of the city and rapes like this?

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