Struggle at Forest Hills T stop leaves two cops injured; suspect flees without shirt

A man accused of a sexual attack on a woman on an Orange Line train just before Forest Hills tried to fight his way out of being arrested after the train pulled into the station this afternoon, Transit Police say:

The victim stepped off the train and observed two Transit Police officers located on the platform. The victim immediately yelled out to the officers informing them of what had occurred and pointed out the offending male. The first officer was able to catch up to the male subject, later identified as Samoal Abdelmagid, 42, of Boston and grab hold of him as he attempted to flee. A violent struggle ensued in the lobby of the station, Abdelmagid threw closed fisted strikes to the officer's face and head. The officer was able to prevent Abdelmagid from fleeing long enough until her partner joined in to help.

Pepper spray failed to stop Abdemagid during the 3:40 p.m. incident and he ran down the stairs to the lower busway - now missing his shirt and one sneaker.

He ran down Hyde Park Avenue to Tower Road - where he was promptly surrounded and captured by some of the many Boston Police officers who raced to the scene along with their transit counterparts.

Ambulances transported two officers to a local hospital with minor injuries - cuts and bruises.

Abdemagid is scheduled for arraignment on a variety of charges, including assault and battery, in West Roxbury District Court tomorrow, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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I hope the T release the video of vicious attack on its officers

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In Mass

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We don't throw away the key, we give them the key...

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I find it amazing

how many people like to comment here advocating the unconstitutional treatment of people who live in their city. Cruel and unusual, schmuel and unusual.

Really, the lack of self-awareness is pretty embarrassing for somebody who is apparently capable of using a computer. "That uncivilized brute needs to be kept in solitary for the rest of his life and fed only water, vitamins, and bread!"

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