Police: Drunk driver plows into pedestrian in Theater District, tries to flee cops on Expressway, blows out tire in Dorchester

A Brockton man faces a host of charges today for an incident early this morning that began in front of Under Bar on Tremont Street and ended at a median on Morrissey Boulevard, police report.

Police say an officer working a detail at the 279 Tremont St. bar heard a commotion around closing time at 2 a.m. and rushed to the street:

As the officer exited the building, he observed one of the bar’s security personnel banging on the window of a silver SUV and yelling in an attempt to stop the operator and the vehicle. The operator of the vehicle ignored these attempts and accelerated away from the scene, down Tremont Street and through a red light at a high rate of speed, causing pedestrians crossing the roadway to flee back onto the sidewalk. The officer was then informed by the bar’s employee that the fleeing vehicle had pulled a U-turn on Tremont Street at an excessive speed and struck a pedestrian, knocking him off his feet and slamming him to the ground.

The pedestrian declined medical attention. Meanwhile, the officer radioed in the SUV's description:

Officers in the area were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on Herald Street toward the I-93S expressway. Officers observed the vehicle strike numerous guard rails prior to exiting the expressway at Morrissey Boulevard, where the vehicle struck the median and blew out a tire. The vehicle came to a stop, and the operator exited the vehicle with his hands raised.

Officers arrested the operator and transported him to District A-1 for booking. During the booking process, the suspect could not verbally communicate, vomited, and appeared to be intoxicated. Due to his physical state, the suspect was evaluated by EMS and transported to an area hospital.

Benton was charged with operating after his license had been revoked, driving to endanger, failure to stop for police, leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident and OUI.

In 2010, Benton was charged in Middleboro after he allegedly tried to outrun police only to drive into a telephone pole and tree - after his parents identified him at Mass. General, where he was brought in critical condition after the crash.

Innocent, etc.



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His Facebook

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Clearly shows that he's an "Aspiring Rapper"

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Not like rich guys with good jobs would ever do anything like this ... such as state senators ... or US Senators ...

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anyone who is irresponsible

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anyone who is irresponsible could do this. wanna be rapper, politician, college student, rich kid, factory worker, etc. .

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Also from his Facebook profile:

"Studied Philosophy and Law at University of Massachusetts Boston"

You just can't trust those philosophers to make good decisions. What lowlifes!

Of course, I would have never thought to look at a drunk driver's Facebook page, because who freaking cares? Unless his job description was "Drunk Driver at Everywhere I Go" with an extensive history of liking Smirnoff's posts, I don't see how anything could be relevant. Apparently anon (not verified) is wiser than I.

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