Homeless man charged as Green Line groper

Anthony Peppe, 68, was arraigned yesterday on a charge of indecent assault and battery for an incident at Park Street on April 8.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Peppe grabbed a woman's buttocks as she was about to board a trolley that afternoon:

Another male passenger told the assailant, later identified as Peppe, to leave the victim alone, and all three entered the train.

Both the victim and a witness who contacted Transit Police using the "See Say" app told officers that Peppe would approach women on the train and block them into their seats and that he attempted to pick a fight with the man who had told him to leave the victim alone, prosecutors said. Both also reported seeing Peppe indecently assault a second woman onboard the train, prosecutors said.

Peppe was arrested the next day at North Station, the DA's office says. He told police he didn't feel well and was taken to Mass. General. His arraignment yesterday came after he was released.

His bail was set at $5,000 and he was ordered to stay away from Park Street and to wear a GPS monitor should he make bail, the DA's office says.

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Mug Shot

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I feel like i read a few of these a year (a month?), can we get some "Groper-Shaming" flyers peppered throughout the stations?

Throw these lonely clowns on a "Wanted"-esque type poster and tape them around the tunnels. I know the BPD/MBTA wouldn't do that but it can't be hard to pull these guys mugshots and keep riders up to date on the latest fondlers to watch out for. Wouldn't be a bad deterrent either if you were thinking about going for someone's back side only to look up at a poster and make eye contact with 8 other creeps who got busted doing the same.

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Three hots and a cot

No room at the inn for stealing thousands of dollars worth of goods, however. They get small bails.

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