Police: Bad driving leads to arrest of bad guy, seizure of bad weapons

Boston Police report that officers looking for a vehicle in connection with a housebreak on Florida Street in Dorchesterday yesterday afternoon soon spotted it. And when the driver made a right turn onto Bruce street without signaling, they had a reason to pull him over.

As officers approached the vehicle they observed a crowbar in plain view leaning against the passenger front seat. For officer’s safety, the driver was removed from the vehicle. Upon further investigation of the vehicle, officers recovered a large 4” blade folding knife, 2 pairs of gloves, and a bag containing a black Taurus 1911 .45 cal semi-automatic firearm.

William Cobb, 23, was charged with illegal weapons possession, illegal ammunition possession,operating without a license and using a motor vehicle without authority.

As a bonus, officers spotted another car seen fleeing the housebreak. Turns out the driver had no license and no possession to use the vehicle, so he was arrested as well.

Innocent, etc.



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