Man shows up at hospital with gunshot wound, possibly inflicted on Annunciation Road

Police are investigating the connection of a man who showed up at Boston Medical Center with a gunshot wound around 10:15 p.m., around the same time they were finding blood and shell casings on Annunciation Road, across the Northeast Corridor train tracks from BPD headquarters.

Police are looking for a dark minivan, possibly a Caravan, one of whose occupants shot at the victim without getting out.



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Annunciation Road is an

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Annunciation Road is an embarrassment to BPD and BHA. A very short street in a small BHA project within view of of BPD HQ's windows and it has at least one shooting every six months. What's it going to take to get the police and the housing authority to make the area undesirable for criminal elements?

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Boston's Southwest Corridor is a segment of the region's/country's Northeast Corridor. Seems either label would work, even if confusing as hell.

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