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Police: Man with loaded gun brought little kid with him on trip to East Boston to sell drugs

Boston Police report arresting a Quincy man on a variety of gun charges yesterday evening.

After officers moved in on Robert Horsley, 35, on Brooks Street near Prescott around 6 p.m., they also had to call EMS for an ambulance - for the little kid they found in a car seat in the back of Horsley's car, police say. EMTs brought the child to Mass. General for observation and police filed a child-neglect complaint with the state.

Horsley posted $5,000 bail at the District A-7 station after his arrest, then skipped out on his arraignment in East Boston District Court this morning, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Police say they had their eye on Horsley as part of an investigation into drug dealing and gun violence on Eagle Hill.

Officers observed a blue colored Toyota Corolla occupied by a black male with a stocky build, who matched the description officers received of a suspect possible engaged in drug distribution in the area. Officers observed the vehicle running with the headlights illuminated and partially impeding the lane of travel. Officers watched for a few moments as a second male suspect exited 193 Brooks Street and walk to the front passenger side of suspect #1’s vehicle. After a brief hand to hand exchange between the two suspects, suspect #1 drove away. At that time officers followed behind suspect #1’s vehicle as he drove toward Prescott Street.

As suspect #1 approached Prescott Street officers proceeded to conduct a motor vehicle stop. Officers approached the suspect vehicle with their badges clearly displaced and announced their office "Boston Police". Upon approach officer observed the suspect quickly reach into his left front pants pocket. Officers ordered him not to do that and he complied. But after a second attempt to reach for his pocket, the suspect was quickly removed from the vehicle and detained. Due to the suspect’s extreme nervousness and failure to comply with officers’ demands, a pat frisk was conducted. The presence of a loaded Smith and Wesson .40 caliber firearm and a small plastic bag containing what officers believed to be marijuana was recovered from the suspect’s pants pocket.

Horsley was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm on a public way, carrying a firearm with a defaced serial number and being an armed career criminal, level 2.

Innocent, etc.

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to work day was in the Spring?

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that paying bail is a promise to appear.

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Just sigh.. a child. really? *shakes head*

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Growing up in East Boston teenagers carrying guns was extremely rare.
What the f%ck is going on in Eastie these days? Where are these young punks with loaded guns coming from?
Who the [email protected] do they think they are carrying loaded guns through a neighborhood that is still predominantly Italian american!!

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