Man only robs banks on West Broadway between F and Dorchester streets

Wanted for South Boston bank robberies

The FBI's Bank Robbery Task Force reports a man who held up the Eastern Bank Branch at 470 W. Broadway last Monday while wearing a shamrock cap is probably the same guy who held up the branch on Jan. 21 while wearing a Bruins cap - and the guy who held up the Santander Bank branch at 474 W. Broadway on Feb. 17.

He's described as white, about 5'9" with a slender or medium build and clean shaven.

If that somehow narrows things down for you and he seems familiar, contact Special Agent Tim Kolk at 617-721-3813



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In the shamrock cap... could be Edward Snowden.

Weird that he apparently has the presence of mind to never look up, assuming those are the best pics available from the surveillance cameras. He certainly doesn't give law enforcement much to go on.

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