Two charged with Roxbury carjacking

A man and woman were charged with carjacking for an incident around 7 a.m. at Blue Hill Avenue and W. Cottage Street, Boston Police report.

Police say a man had pulled over to adjust his GPS, when a man approached his car from the driver's side while a woman approached from the passenger side:

According to the victim, the male suspect showed a knife and demanded money while the female suspect showed a smaller knife and instructed the victim to hand over his wallet. When the victim exited his car to hand over his wallet, he states both suspects got into his car and drove off. Approximately five and a half hours later, at about 1:00pm, officers located the victim’s stolen car parked in the area of 8 Folsom Street. While approaching the vehicle, officers observed a black female sitting in the front passenger seat and black male standing next to an open driver's side door. Upon seeing the approaching officers, the male suspect turned around and began to walk away from the vehicle. At this point, several officers arrived on scene and took both suspects into custody. A search of the suspects enabled officers to locate and recover the victim’s cell phone and wallet.

Guy Ahart, 50, and Kaisha Peryman, 35, were both charged with carjacking and armed robbery, police say.

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