Woman shot in the chest at Normandy and Seaver

UPDATE: Boston Police report Grisel Sanchez, 31, was declared dead at the scene.

Shortly before 10:35 p.m. in Puddingstone Park. Because of the severity of her injuries, the homicide unit was called in.

A house across the street was hit with a bullet.



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Where is the Media

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Although I will give the Globe credit for at least reporting this crime, and giving it front page space now that there seems to be a suggestion that the victim was not the intended target (i.e. she didn't "get what she deserved"), how on earth is the Globe not doing a series of investigative stories to try and unearth or explain the root causes of the violence that is going on in some of Boston's poorer neighborhoods? That is probably a stupid question, but when I look at the front page of the Globe and see four (very tired) stories about Tom Brady and the Patriots, along with a picture of a large ice cream cone under the headline of "boy its hot outside!" it kind of makes me sick. And it should probably make the editors at the Globe a little sick, and ashamed, too. Is this what they went into journalism to write about?

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i too am surprised

that owner of the globe & local sports team would decide to report on local sports teams

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what a sad, senseless tragedy. my thoughts & prayers go out to this young woman and her loved ones as well as for the soul of those who would harm her

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Man bites dog....

Unfortunately, shootings in this part of Boston have become so commonplace that they're not considered very "newsworthy". Dog bites man. Sad

I hope the BPD Tip-Line is buzzing and they make an arrest asap.


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