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Manhunt shuts Orange Line in Charlestown

A gun-toting suspect twice managed to elude police in Charlestown tonight - first by running away from a Boston Police officer near the Navy Yard, then by apparently walking through the Orange Line tunnel from Community College to North Station, where he got up on the platform and disappeared.

Service on the Orange Line was halted around 11:10 p.m. when a Transit Police officer reviewing surveillance video spotted the suspect on video from a camera near Community College.

A review of video from other cameras, however, showed the suspect managed to make it through the tunnel to North Station, where he was spotted climbing off the tracks and onto the platform there around 11 p.m.

That was about an hour after the initial pursuit in the area of Putnam Street, when a Boston officer ran after him when he noticed him clutching his waist. He managed to escape, then ditched the gun - which police recovered.



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Imagine how strange it would be to have been waiting for a train at north station. Guy just emerges from the tunnel, jumps up onto the platform, and continues on his way.

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